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Special Christmas Offer from Can You Recall

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones battling dementia and the difficulties of Covid?

Our books have been inspired from our own experience looking after a mother with dementia. If you have loved ones among your families and friends who are struggling with dementia our series of four specially designed puzzle books are available as gifts for this Christmas and New Year with the addition of a special offer. For our Seasonal Greetings from ‘Can You Recall’ we are delighted to offer 10% off all our published prices from now until the end of the 12 days of Christmas, on the 5th January 2021.

We have produced four quality books, in colour, which are carefully designed to be helpful for those struggling with dementia and their carers. The books can be enjoyed by everyone and the only mention of the word dementia is on the first page of our books. This is by way of an explanatory introduction on a page that can be easily removed if desired.

Our books are designed to bring some fun and enjoyment to loved ones and carers in reminiscing and stimulating conversation through quiz type questions and puzzles based on popular culture from the 1950’s and 1960’s. We currently have four different books available. They cover the late fifties, the early sixties, the mid-sixties and the late sixties.

We hope that you will enjoy our books over the Christmas and New Year which you may be finding all the more stressful with worries over Covid. We already have a standard offer of three books for the price of £19.99 representing a saving of almost £4 compared with the full price.

Our special Christmas offer gives a further 10 % price reduction on that and on any other purchases up until the 5th January 2021.



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