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Covid 19 Lockdown – Activities for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Being at home all day caring for someone with dementia is particularly challenging during this period of self-isolation as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Without the uplifting visits to the local memory café or even a short trip to the local garden centre to break up the day, time can be difficult to fill in an engaging way.

Having worked hard in the past to create structure and variety into the day, possibly enlisting help from family and friends to pop in as frequently as they can, we are suddenly thrown back onto our own reserves without the support we value so much.

What new activities can we engage in that are positive and encourage conversation and reminiscence?

The Can You Recall series of books contain puzzles and quizzes based on popular culture (film, music, books, sport and television) from the late fifties, the early sixties, the mid-sixties and the late sixties.

Although they are specifically designed to help people with memory and dementia problems, the word dementia does not feature in any of our books, other than on the first page which is designed to be easily removed if required.

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