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Check out Can You Recall?-The Late Fifties!

The ideal gift for anyone who whats to recall the late Fifties. Everyone can enjoy our books, especially either sufferers of dementia or their carers, to assist them stimulate and engage their loved ones with a wide range of puzzles, activities and memory prompts! With well over 15 hours of activities, each page is designed to invite active sharing of memories as well as stimulating thought process and opening a broad range of conversations - all focussed around popular culture from the late 50's, that everyone can enjoy and share. The activities include matching well known late 50's pop songs to their singers, lots of colourful background trivia and general knowledge about the artists and the songs themselves, as well as the big blockbuster movies, and well known figures from the world of television and sport. Word search and crosswords provide more challenging activities - to be enjoyed alone or with the active participation and encouragement of the carer, friend or family member looking for ways to make the absolute most of positive interaction. Particular care has been taken to present the pages as fun activities for everyone to enjoy and avoid any labelling of ailing health or any memory deterioration. This means that carers can more readily introduce the activities, and be more confident of a positive engagement and response. The first edition is specifically focussed on the late Fifties - a period of fond and exciting memories for many dementia sufferers - with bright bold type face, photos and images aimed to divert and entertain. An ideal, colourful and stimulating gift that will give many hours of pleasure and amusement. Suitable for the widest range of cognitive skills, both dementia sufferers and their carers can benefit from and enjoy conversation suggested by the topics and activities included in the book.