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Activity Packs

These laminated puzzle and activity packs take four games from our books and are designed for use in groups time and again.


The activity packs are a great choice for actively engaging those living with memory loss and other types of cognitive impairment, to explore their memories and encourage conversation.

Each pack comes with non-permanent dry wipe marker pens for easy clean and re-use. Puzzles come in A4 quality laminated pouches with rounded edges that can be wiped clean after use.  

The activity packs offer a perfect way to allow people of different abilities to participate together.

Every Pack Contains:


- 4 unique puzzles from your chosen book, printed on 2 double sided laminated A4 sheets

- 10 copies of both puzzle sheets. ( 20 sheets total )

- 2 copies of laminated Answer sheets.

- 10 non permanent drywip marker pens.